In a world where most rules tie you down, where all actions are dictated by society and where going against the system is considered “unconventional”, how do you really leave your mark on the blog?


In the irreversible reality called… Life


Hey folks! I’m back. I’m sorry, I didn’t post last week because I had forgotten that it was my day to do it. Again. Thanks to The Pensieve for putting up with such an annoying guest. For those of you who don’t know, I have been guest posting here for a while. If you like…


Cautiously, she chooses to open the chest only to find that which she never expected…


The wayfarer sets out on a voyage to travel the world.
Heartbroken, he realizes how small he is and how little he has seen. But wanderlust is a desire so strong that he sets out again…


अनंत, अस्थिर आणि आकर्षक….. हे जल आहे की आहे खरंच ‘जीवन’?

My first love

There are many scenarios in our life which tend to befall and conclude. This is one of those… which befell but… could never quite conclude.