Divine Judgement

The rules remain the same….

The movie called… Life

Note:- This post has absolutely nothing to do with the actual movie titled ‘Life‘. Nor is it based on any of it’s characters, the only resemblance being the name of this post. Pray note that before you continue reading. The movie called….. Life. I’m pretty sure that at some point or the other, we have…

Chicken Sprouts

Hey everyone! Well… I’m pretty sure that you guys were a little confused by the title and must have thought, Since when did this guy start posting recipes? Don’t worry. I haven’t turned this site into a cookbook. (Not yet, atleast.) Actually, this post is going to be an introspective/ interactive one. Yes, they are…

The Ideal self-suffix….

Hey everyone! So. As you might have aptly guessed from the title, it’s time for yet another one of my introspective posts! (BTW, I’m pretty sure that you must be pissed at this. Because an ‘introspective’ post obviously means that you will have to pay active attention to what I’m saying and not just sit…


Hi! As the title suggests, today, I’ve decided to lay my creative writing aside and come back with the other brand of posts my blog presents. The analytical and metaphoric type. Cheers! (Sarcasm?…… Maybe. Either ways I suggest that you better get used to it. For it’ll be present in potentially toxic doses.) To prove…


Hey everyone! (⚠️ Ramble alert :- The ‘real’ post lies in the form of an image at the very end of this post. The rest is just information about the format and my personal patented form of blabber. Choose wisely.) Welcome to my first ever attempt at a brand new format of creative writing called…


Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another ramble! You can find the link to my previous ones right below! Black or white? The mirage


Hello! A couple notices before we resume our business here.. 1. To my brand new readers:- Welcome! I do advise you to read my last post, Energy before you start reading this, because this starts off right where I left things last time and WITHOUT preamble. If you continue reading this without reading the one…


Not the physical one, rather the one which we always seem to seek…

99 Luftballons

One way of presenting Occam’s razor is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation is.


अनंत, अस्थिर आणि आकर्षक….. हे जल आहे की आहे खरंच ‘जीवन’?

Pensive: A solution

Though it rises and it falls, it doesn’t really change…. What does that tell us?