The Happily ever after

Though every story has an ending, not all stories end the same. Especially not the one as vivid and as complicated as that of Ross Geller and Rachel Greene

Before the Housewarming

As everyone gathers to cut the ribbon, Ross’s proclamation takes them all aback, materialising Rachel’s worst fears…

Biding Time

Though all seems merry on the surface, Rachel Greene can’t help but develop an eerie sense of foreboding. A feeling almost as if they were biding time after all

At Crossroads: Rachel

With one life altering decision already made, Rachel Karen Greene is now facing yet another. One which might seal their fate…. Forever

At crossroads: Ross

Yet again, fate has presented Ross Geller with two mutually contradictory choices. And choose he must. For crossroads aren’t forever…


With Rachel already departing his life, Ross now also has to let go of the person whom he loves only second to Miss Greene. Their daughter, Emma Geller-Greene

One week later

Letting go of the one whom you love is probably the hardest thing one can ever do. And that’s exactly what Ross Geller has done. What happened next? Read to find out!

Letting Go

For there are always moments in your life when you have to make a choice. And live with it’s consequences.