The Why, The How and The Impact.


Hello! Alright! Alright! I’ll admit to my wrongdoing before you even say it! 😅 I’m really sorry for bombarding you guys with a series of reblogs, but the truth is that I had been rather busy the past month and hence couldn’t find the time to actually write a post. So I chose to reblog…

The movie called life: Unabridged

Note:- This post is a direct continuation of my previous update. So if you haven’t, I’d advise you to read it before continuing to read this. The movie called….. Life Welcome back, everyone! I hope you have had enough time to snack and mull over, because the intermission is up. And I am now expecting…

The movie called… Life

Note:- This post has absolutely nothing to do with the actual movie titled ‘Life‘. Nor is it based on any of it’s characters, the only resemblance being the name of this post. Pray note that before you continue reading. The movie called….. Life. I’m pretty sure that at some point or the other, we have…

Chicken Sprouts

Hey everyone! Well… I’m pretty sure that you guys were a little confused by the title and must have thought, Since when did this guy start posting recipes? Don’t worry. I haven’t turned this site into a cookbook. (Not yet, atleast.) Actually, this post is going to be an introspective/ interactive one. Yes, they are…


Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another ramble! You can find the link to my previous ones right below! Black or white? The mirage


Hi! Today, it’s time for yet another of my ‘Just a Quote’ posts! You can find the link to my previous quotes right below! Fair deal Hope In the moment Happy mulling! 😅 Stay tuned and (more importantly)… Stay safe! 😊

In the moment

Hello! Finally! A brand new blog post after nearly a couple months of inactivity! (‘cuz I don’t think reblogging counts as a valid ‘activity’) Although, seeing that it’s just a quote, it’s a rather short one…. But still something is better than nothing, ‘eh? Also since this blog post is my debut from my recent…

The Happily ever after

Though every story has an ending, not all stories end the same. Especially not the one as vivid and as complicated as that of Ross Geller and Rachel Greene


In the irreversible reality called… Life


A mysterious ladder to climb…


In a world where everything is defined by society, how do you define happiness? What does happiness mean to you?

Fair deal

In the game called… ‘Life’.