A beginner’s guide to the Pensieve…

Hey folks!

Thank you for visiting my site! As you may already have seen, or, will see, this blog is a haphazard collection of posts that buzzed through my mind and were persistent enough that they made me take the effort of typing them down…( I never said that I was a very active person now… Did I?)

Now that you have enough free time in your hands (I mean… Why else would you spend time on my site, when there’s SO MUCH to do in this beautiful world?) I hope that you find my site atleast somewhat reassuring and not a complete waste of your time. But if you find it good enough (or bad enough, per say) please feel free to leave all sorts of feedback! Be it a follow, comment or just a like. 🙂

Here’s a list of some topics that I would usually rant about/ have ranted about…

(I think the proper word here would be an ‘index’):-

  • Analogy/Metaphor
  • Angst
  • Chemistry (physical/human)
  • Literature (fiction/semi-fiction/nonfiction )
  • Music
  • Novel
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Psychology (Behavioral science)
  • Quote
  • Romance
  • Short story

That’s all ‘about’ the site. See you at one of my posts! (Hopefully…)