The routine

Like any other, but not quite…


Hello! Alright! Alright! I’ll admit to my wrongdoing before you even say it! 😅 I’m really sorry for bombarding you guys with a series of reblogs, but the truth is that I had been rather busy the past month and hence couldn’t find the time to actually write a post. So I chose to reblog…

In the moment

Hello! Finally! A brand new blog post after nearly a couple months of inactivity! (‘cuz I don’t think reblogging counts as a valid ‘activity’) Although, seeing that it’s just a quote, it’s a rather short one…. But still something is better than nothing, ‘eh? Also since this blog post is my debut from my recent…

The Mirage

Hello! Warning:- The post which I am about to share with you guys today HAS to be the darkest post that I have ever written and/or published on this blog. Not even ‘one of the’. Readers are strictly adviced to read this post at their own discretion and are requested not to derive ideas based…


In the irreversible reality called… Life

Fair deal

In the game called… ‘Life’.


अनंत, अस्थिर आणि आकर्षक….. हे जल आहे की आहे खरंच ‘जीवन’?

Pensive: A solution

Though it rises and it falls, it doesn’t really change…. What does that tell us?

All about writing 

A little introduction about how I perceive writing and my own writing ‘career’ (For want of a better word…)