F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 11 Episode 9: The one with Joey’s farewell (Part 2)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 11 Episode 7: The one where the lobsters get engaged

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 11 Episode 8: The one with Joey’s farewell (Part 1)

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Episode 9: The one with Joey’s farewell part 2

(Opening scene)

Day 4: Joey’s day with Phoebe

Friends Central Perk cafe New York decor ideas

(Scene opens in Central Perk. Rachel is talking to Gunther who is just looking at her and agreeing to her every word. Joey has a guitar with him, and is apparently hiding. Rest all (except Phoebe)seated on the Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Hey, you guys!

All: Hey, Pheebs!

(Joey hints Rachel. Rachel takes the cue and heads towards the ‘stage’ of Central Perk.)

Phoebe: Joey just told me he had a surprise for me here. Do you guys know what it is?

All (failing to look innocent): No!

Rachel (speaking into the mike): Could I have everybody’s attention please?

(The crowd quietens down)

Rachel: Central Perk is proud to present… Joey Tribbiani!

( Cheers and applause in background)

Joey (Taking position): Thank you for introducing me Rach, although I think people might aldready be knowing me from DOOL… (His smile gradually becomes awkward as he is met with blank gazes)… Errrm anyways, I’m going to dedicate this song to one of my best friends. The one whose voice has soothed all of our hearts many a times in the past ten years. To you, Pheebs.

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives

Where we’re gonna be when we turn 25

Chandler (from the crowd): You are 36, Joe!

Joey (stopping singing and pleading): I know! Will you let me forget that for once?!

Chandler: Never!

(All the crowd is now giving a death stare to Chandler for interrupting)

Chandler (nervous): I’m sorry! He is 24 !

(The crowd contniues to look)

Chandler (glancing amongst the rest of the gang): Did I just commit a federal crime?

(Title song)

(Scene resumes as does Joey’s song)

Coffee houses in NewYork City NYC USA

I keep thinking times will never change

Keep on thinking things will always be the same

But when we leave this year we won’t be coming back

No more hanging out ’cause we are on a different track

As we go on, we remember

All the times we had together

As our lives change come whatever

We will still be friends forever

Will these memories fade when I leave town

I keep thinking that it’s not goodbye

Keep on thinking it’s a time to fly

A/N:- The song is Graduation by Vitamin C. Though meant for graduation, I thought it fit quite well here.)

(Joey’s song ends and everybody cheers)

Phoebe ( goes on stage and hugs him): I loved it! That was amazing!

Joey: Thanks, Pheebs!

( Joey now turns to face the rest. All the rest are emotional as well)

Joey: So how did you guys find it?

Chandler (in tears): Please don’t leave us!

( Scene ends)

Food being served in Soup kitchen to the poor and needy in America and Europe

(Scene is outside a soup kitchen. A cab slams it’s breaks in front of it. Phoebe and Joey step out of it.)

Joey: Here’s our first stop. Volunteering at the soup kitchen. I remember you saying that you volunteer atleast once a month that you missed it last month. So why not we both do it this month and make up for it?

Phoebe (joyous): You will?! Oh, that’s so sweet!

(She hugs him and both enter the soup kitchen.)

(Scene resumes inside the soup kitchen, where both Joey and Phoebe are serving food)

(Phoebe had been laughing at a joke made by Joey, but suddenly falls silent.)

Joey (concerned): What’s up Pheebs?

Phoebe (distracted): Huh?

(Joey now looks where Phoebe has been looking, and sees a blonde girl roughly in her early teens shyly entering the kitchen)

Phoebe (whispering): She looks just like what I had when I had first come to a soup kitchen.

(Both continue looking at her as she gradually walks towards the counter)

Phoebe: Honestly at her age, I never thought I would ever be standing at the other side of the counter…

Joey (softly): But you are Pheebs, and may be twenty years later, so will she.

(Phoebe smiles and turns to face the girl to serve her)

(Scene ends)

Hamleys toy store outlets. Best toy shop company in the world

(Scene is now outside a huge toy store.)

Phoebe: So where are we going next?

Joey (pointing to the store): Right here!

Phoebe (excited and speaking really fast): Ooh I love toy shopping! Are we buying toys for Emma? or is it Jack and Erica? Oh, is it for my baby? But we don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl…

Joey ( smiling): For none of them, actually!

Phoebe (confused): Then who? Oh, your nephew right!

Joey: Nope. This toy store has a section where you can just play with their products. That is where we are going. I know you didn’t get to enjoy playing with toys then, so why not now? You deserve to have that happiness, Pheebs!

Phoebe: But aren’t we a bit too old for this now?

(Scene some minutes later. Several toys are scattered here and there. Joey is mostly watching with a smile on his face)

Phoebe (laughing her typical way): Oh, I’m loving this! Yay!

(Scene ends)

Pond in a farmhouse close to a red barn and fields

(Scene resumes in a large farm. Joey and Phoebe are sitting on the banks of a pond surrounded by bushes with beautiful flowers and trees in the distance. Besides them is a cardboard box)

Joey: Flowers and trees just like you like them. Uncut and untamed!

Phoebe (smiling): This is indeed beautiful !

(Joey nods in appreciation)

Phoebe: It is a perfect place for them to grow.

Joey: Yeah. I’m so happy I could find a right place for Chick Jr and Duck Jr. It broke my heart to let them go, but I had to.

Phoebe (rubbing his arm): I know, Joe.

(A peaceful silence follows for a few moments)

Phoebe: You know what? Let’s make a pact.

Joey (puzzled): A pact?

Phoebe: Yes. No matter wherever we are or whatever we are doing, we will come by this farm once every year on this day to meet them.

Joey (incredulous): You’ll do that for me?

Phoebe: Of course! What say?

Joey (smiling): It’s a deal, Pheebs.

(Scene ends with both hugging each other at the pond.)

Night 4 and Day 5: Joey’s day with Chandler

Gender neutral Nursery ideas for twins and infants in a new house in suburbs

(Scene is in Monica and Chandler’s house. Monica is looking over her twins.)

Monica: There will be no noise from you guys! If I hear it from the neighbours you are done!

Chandler (smiling): Don’t you think they are too young to understand you?

Monica (turning around): You know who I am talking to mister! When we were neighbours, you boys used to make one hell of a noise when you were awake throughout the night . We didn’t mind, but the new people there will.

Chandler ( smiling): I know, Mon. But it’s one last night with Joey as a roommate.

Monica (smiling): Fine. Pack your sleepover bag.

Chandler: I knew you wouldn’t say no! (calling out in the hall) Tell Pheebs to start the car, I’m coming!

Joey (from below): Alright!

(Rushes down with an aldready packed bag)

( Monica rolls her eyes)

(Scene ends)

Friends Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing living room decor ideas with barcalounger and canoe

( Scene resumes in Joey’s apartment. Enter Chandler and Joey)

Chandler: So what you got for tonight Joe?

Joey (excited): I’ve got it all set. There’s beer and the cooler right there. I’m gonna order a Joey special. And there’s going to be a movie marathon all night! Just like our old days!

Chandler (smiling): Great! So I’ll just check in and be back in a minute!

(Chandler returns back and finds Joey waiting alongside his barca lounger.)

Chandler (puzzled): What you waiting for, Joe?

Joey: Our drill!

Chandler (smiling): Oh yes.

(They both sit on their barca loungers)

Chandler: Do we dare?

Joey: We dare!

(Both use the armrest and the footrests, letting out sighs of pleasure- like old times!)

Chandler: Oh, I’ve missed this so much!

Joey: Me too.

(He now starts the TV. It’s an episode of Baywatch)

Chandler: Dude, I’m married now!… Oh, wait (A look of recognition comes on his face)… I remember this episode! This was telecasted when…

Joey: On the day we became roommates, yes! I thought we should see it together one last time.

Chandler (smiling): Then we certainly will, Joe.

Joey: And we watch stuff for nine more hours! You up for the challenge?

Chandler: You bet I am!

(Few hours later…)

(The TV is still on, but both are fast asleep on the Barca loungers.)

(Joey stretches as though in bed and ends up falling head first on the floor. Chandler suddenly wakes up.)

Chandler: What the?…

Joey (woken up by his fall): You got scared! Hehe!

Chandler (now amused): Yeah, lying upside down like a bat makes you look really terrifying.

(Scene ends)

Both agree they had grown too old for it and call it a night.

(Scene resumes several hours later in the living room. Both Joey and Chandler are sitting at the kitchen table)

Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing playing games in living room. Best moments of Jandler and Chanoey in Friends

Joey: These are the rules. You choose an egg. You are allowed to move it just once. And the person whose egg stays circling (rotating) for the longest time wins.

Chandler: No! That’s too simple for us! We can create better games. How about this? We both take the same egg. But (pausing and Imitating as though teaching a class) we move it on different surfaces. Huh?

Joey (eyes widened): Ooh, I like that! I call the bathroom floor!

Chandler (eyes narrowed): Surfaces where we can BOTH be at the same time!

Joey (pleading): Come on Chandler, We’ve done it once!

Chandler (getting up): And I do not need you to remind me that dreadful experience! We swore it would never be repeated!

The next few hours are spent playing games which would make lesser and lesser sense to anyone except the two of them or kids a third their age

(Scene yet again opens in the living room. Both have an identical set of pages in their hands)

Joey (looking into his script): Alright. So the scene is set. We are two colleagues getting to know each other. Your line first.

Chandler (not looking in the script): Honestly, do we have to do this?

Joey (going through his copy): I don’t see any such line. Have I got the wrong page again?!

(flips through his pages. Chandler stops him.)

Chandler: I meant this (clutching both the copies). We just have a few hours left don’t we make the best of it?

Joey (sighs): Look Chandler, there’s something I need to tell you.

Chandler: Okay.

Joey: My day with you was actually selfish from my part and I am really sorry for that.

Chandler (puzzled): What do you mean?

Joey: When I planned my day with everyone else I planned it so that it fit perfectly with their likes. I was careful to include their best things. But when it came to you, I felt like, hey it’s you! I mean I love all of you guys, and you guys are the best thing that ever happened to me. But even then, with everyone except you, I’m like what I want to be 90 may be 95% of times. The only person with whom I am always completely myself is you Chandler. And so, when it came to this day, I wanted it to be just like any other day we ever spent. The last image of us together would be as if nothing changed and it’s just another day.

Chandler (deeply touched): I… don’t know what to say!

Joey ( smiling): I know.

(He moves his hand forward. Both do their ‘lame guy handshake’ before caving in and hugging each other.)

Chandler (reading the script from behind the back of Joey): My name is John, what’s yours?

(Joey gets out of the hug and laughs.)

(Scene ends with both reading from the script)

Elite lounge with Grand Piano in America

( Scene opens in Phoebe and Mike’s lounge. Mike and Phoebe are by the piano, while Monica, Rachel and Ross are at a table. There is an event going on the stage. Enter Chandler and Joey)

Chandler: What’s the surprise you’ve brought me here for?

Joey (getting them a table away from the rest of the guys on purpose): Just wait. I’ll be back in a minute.

(Joey heads towards Phoebe and Mike. He gives Phoebe a thumps up. She nods and whispers it to Mike.)

(Joey gets back on the table. Chandler still hasn’t noticed the rest of the gang.)

(The person on stage finishes his performance and is greeted with polite applause.)

Mike: Thank you Adrian. Now we’ll take a short break and will be back to watch a stand up act by Mr. Chandler Bing!

(Chandler pales and attempts to run. Joey however already has his hand in a tight grip)

Joey: Come on, Chandler! You’ve been saying it has always been your dream to make people laugh since you were a kid. Don’t run away!

Chandler: I ca… can’t Joe! Not in such a huge crowd! I get butterflies, hell I get dinosaurs in my stomach!

Joey ( smiling): See? You are already doing it! You can do it Chandler. Come on! Do it for our friendship!

(Chandler hesitates before finally nodding and sitting down.)

(Mike finally calls his name and he heads to the stage. Everyone (mostly the gang) cheers him as he takes position on stage.)

Chandler (jittery): Ahemm. My name’s Chandler and Mike has left me no chance but to tell my real surname.

(The crowd smiles)

Chandler: Yes, it’s Bing. Could’ve been a decent surname like Watson, Stone or any other but no… I am a ‘Bing’ (imitates a bell) Yeah, that’s what my boss liked to call it.

(A few laughs. Chandler grows a bit more comfortable.)

Chandler continues and his act turns about to be a grand success as he receives a loud applause and an ovation or two. By the time he comes towards the gang he has a broad smile plastered on his face. Everyone congratulates and hugs him.

“Thank you” Chandler whispers to Joey.

“Anyime” Joey replies, smiling back.

Day 6: Joey’s day – From all the FRIENDS to Joey.

( A/N:- The bits and pieces of story format are all from Joey’s POV.)

The door of apartment 19 opened and closed shut, letting in it’s occupant of nearly eleven years. After keeping the keys on the table, Joey let out a sigh. He glanced around the room where boxes containing his stuff had been labelled and stacked perfectly. He owed Monica for that. Monica… Joey slowly walked to his room and thought about the thoughtful gift she had given to him earlier today…

From Monica to Joey

( Scene is in Javu.)

Five star hotel and restaurant near me decor ideas

Monica: A very good evening to everyone. I am Monica Geller, head chef and proud owner of this restaurant.

(Applause in the background)

Monica: Today, I would like to make a special announcement. Like you all know, Javu has a reputation for sophistication and being a high class restaurant. But my friends have made me understand the beauty of simplicity and being ‘you’. In honour of one of my best friends, who is leaving New York tomorrow, I would like to make an exception in our menu, and add something not so sophisticated and what is classified as Street food. To have you in my life forever Joey,The Javu from next week will also serve a meatball sandwich, your favourite.

(The applause somehow seemed more geuine)

Joey (in the crowd, outraged): What?! They didn’t sell the best food in the world?!

(Chandler places a hand on his mouth as people glance at them all)

Monica: Also, on the day before Thanksgiving, we would be organising a competition known as ‘The Tribbiani challenge’. The winner would get free coupons of Javu and a ‘Tribbiani of the year’ award.

(Murmurs of interest from the crowd)

Monica: The challenge is simple. The participant needs to eat a whole Turkey by himself in a single sitting.

(A voice saying that’s impossible is heard from the crowd. Many more say What?!)

(Joey is attempting to speak, but Chandler has him covered)

Monica (smiling): It’s not. Because now I would like to call upon stage the winner of the first ‘Tribbiani of the year’, who has aldready made the record of eating a whole turkey on his own… Tribbiani!

(Chandler releases Joey from his grip)

Joey (very excited): My first award! My first award!

(He hugs everyone and heads onstage.)

Joey (receives the Turkey shaped award from Monica and smiles at the crowd): Thank you very much! I would like to dedicate this award to my…

(Chandler places a hand on his head. The others continue to look amused.)

(Joey is suddenly interrupted)

Voice: How did you manage to do it?

Joey: Well, you know, it’s all about practise. You start small, like a chicken or a duck. It’s about dedication to the food you love. When you look at it…

(Joey continues speaking as this turns into an interactive session)

Ross: I can’t believe this! People are actually taking notes on how to eat a Turkey?! Man he is receiving more attention than any of my lectures on prehistoric flightless birds.

Chandler: That’s the difference Ross! You can eat Turkeys now! Who the hell cares how extinct birds taste like?!

(Scene ends)

Joey smiled as he placed the trophy given by Monica on the nightstand. His first award given to him by the first woman to straightaway reject him. He was going to miss her. Much more than he let himself think earlier.

As the night slowly went by, Joey tried forcing himself to sleep, knowing that tomorrow he had to get up early. Suddenly he was reminded of Ross. How he wished he was here to speak passionately about his dinosaurs, so that he could drift away to sleep in peace.

From Ross to Joey

Friends Ross Geller British accent, taking a paleontology lecture

(Scene is in an auditorium. Ross is about to give a lecture. All the rest of the gang are sitting in the last row.)

Ross: Good afternoon, everyone. Before we start today’s lecture on the genus ‘ Homo’…

(Joey laughs out. Even the rest of the class is slightly amused.)

Ross (surprising everyone with a smile): Exactly the reaction I expected. Homo does not mean Homosexual thank you very much. Before boring you all with what it actually means, I have something to say.

Ross (continuing): It has been brought to my attention several times that my lectures are nothing short of a lullaby. But it took one of my friend’s departure to try to bring a change in my teaching pattern. From today, I would like to bring a change. I will try my best to make them interesting yet also not missing out on any learning aspect.

(Murmurs of appreciation through the crowd)

Ross (now looking directly at Joey): To have you in my life forever Joey, I will try to better myself and never give up.

Ross (To the class): So… let us begin!

(Ross does try, but is not exactly successful in his endeavour)

(The lecture ends and for the first time Ross has also received a little applause. )

Ross (excited): Can you believe it? That’s the first time I’ve received an applause here!

(The gang smiles.)

(Ross is interrupted by a colleague)

Phoebe (whispering): Should we tell him that we bribed ten students to applaud?

(Scene ends)

Joey grinned as he recollected that, Ross surely had a LOT to improve. But he had been impressed and touched when he decided to change for him. Earlier on Ross had told him in private of how he had decided to change for one more person. And how it had been him (Joey) who had made him realise that he had to change. Joey’s face suddenly changed it’s demeanour as his mind went to that person. A farewell from her…

From Rachel to Joey

Fashion and apparel store decor ideas

(Scene is in Rachel’s store)

Rachel (arms spread to indicate the entire store): Ta dah! I’m all set to start the store next week! Of course it’s all thanks to Mon!

Phoebe: Oh that’s so sweet!

Rachel: No, it actually is thanks to her. I couldn’t have done half the job by myself!

Monica ( smiling): Quarter, more like!

Joey (standing in front of the trial room, looking at the sign): How you doin’ ? Rach,That’s great! I love it!

( All go towards sign above the trial room proclaims- ‘ Check out How you doin’)

Rachel (sweetly): Thank you Joey!

Chandler (glancing at the sign): I’m never going in there!

Rachel (smiling): I thought it would be fun! Besides I know I would miss hearing that line from Joe like practically everyday!

Joey: You would? I thought you hated it!

Rachel: I still do! But it would always remind me of you, so I’ll deal with it. To have you in my life forever Joey, I will always try to place others before myself.

( Scene ends)

Yeah, he had to move on. May be this was also the best way to do it. Moving to another city on the other side of the country. Who knew what layed waiting for him? He just hoped that it would atleast be close to what he had now. Because he knew he would never have something as good as this.

As sleep continued evading Joey, he turned his thoughts to yet another person who was also leaving New York. Alas not in the direction he was going, but in a completely different one.

From Phoebe to Joey

Friends Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan living room

(Scene is in Phoebe and Mike’s apartment. All except Phoebe are seated on the couch and chairs. Phoebe is searching for something )

Joey (glancing around the room in expectation): So what were you going to show us Pheebs?

Phoebe: A tape of our baby. Aha!

Rachel: Oh that’s precious!

Ross (Sarcastically): Only if you can tell where the baby is.

Rachel (in a high pitched voice): Of course I could! I…I may have guessed it wrong five times, but on the sixth, I hit the Jackpot.

Ross (putting his arm around her): Of course you did.

(All others glance at him. He nods and mouths a ‘No’, simultaneously rubbing Rachel’s arm. Rachel is unaware.)

(In the meanwhile, Phoebe has put the tape in the player and clicked play.)

( A few seconds later, Phoebe’s giggling is heard but the screen seems to be covered by someone’s hand. She seems out of breath.)

Phoebe (in the clip, giggling): Oh, stop it Mike!

(The real Phoebe blushes and immediately ejects the tape.)

Phoebe: Sorry, wrong tape!

Joey (confused): Which tape was it?

Phoebe: Oh, that was a tape of our baby too. But it wasn’t the one which I wanted to show you.

(All except Joey realise what that clip must contain and exchange glances)

Joey: How was that a clip of your baby?

Phoebe (very mechanically): Oh you know, it shows the making process.

Joey (cringing): Ugh that’s gross!

Rachel: But how can you be sure it’s THE one?

Phoebe (smiling): It’s simple. That day was like, one of the only days we did it the way mother nature intends us to do it.

Chandler (cringing): Could this GET anymore gross?

Phoebe: Actually,yes. I haven’t told you what we do on…

All (interrupting): NO!

Phoebe (backing out): Okay!

(Phoebe now puts in another tape. She presses play. Everyone is relieved to see that it’s the right one.)

Phoebe (pausing the clip): You see that white blob over there?

All: Yeah!

Phoebe (Taking a deep breath and smiling): Everyone… meet Joey Jr.

(All gaze fondly at the blob that is the baby of Phoebe and Mike)

(Joey is speechless)

Phoebe: To have you as a part of my life forever Joey, Mike and I have decided to name our first child after you, Joe.

Joey: Oh my God! Finally someone will carry my family name!

(He hugs Phoebe in delight. Chandler opens his mouth to say something.)

(Monica stamps her foot on him.)

(Scene ends)

He didn’t realise he had shed tears until he felt a wetness underneath the pillow. How happy he had become when he realised that a child was going to be named after him. What had he done to get such amazing friends? Joey found himself thinking profoundly and so in depth like he had never before in his life. He was appreciating things on a new level. Joey let out a sudden laugh as hhe remembered Chandler telling him that he didn’t know Joey had another level. Chandler…even his thoughts failed him when he tried to think of how important a role he had played in his life.

From Chandler to Joey

Studio apartment in New York city NYC USA living room decor ideas

(Scene opens in Monica and Chandler’s home. All are climbing up the stairs, Chandler in the lead, followed by Joey. Chandler opens the door to Joey’s room and stands aside. The room has been redecorated to resemble their old apartment’s living room)

Joey (in awe): It looks just like the apartment!

Chandler (blushed and awkwardly shuffling his legs): I really didn’t know what to give you, Joey. And nothing seemed right. But when all came up with an idea that they will bring a change in their lives to remember you forever, I got selfish. This (pointing to the room) is to remind me of all the time we spent together. Whenever I’ll feel lonely, I’ll come up here, pop in Baywatch or Die hard and sit back in the Barca lounger with a cooler of cold beer at hand. And I promise to give you a call from this room everyday. We could even watch movies together at the exact same time. It’s like you will be here although you won’t really… be here.

(Chandler is now struggling to speak , and takes a long pause)

Chandler: To have you as a part of my life forever Joey, I will have you in my life forever.

(No words are exchanged, but Joey and Chandler gaze into each other’s eyes fondly)

Chandler: I know it’s lame as compared to others but…

(Chandler is silenced with a huge bear hug.)

(The hug is going on… for too long, leaving the rest to simply stand awkwardly.)

Ross (whispering): Should we give them some privacy?

Phoebe: Yeah, I think they deserve a moment.

(Rachel and Monica agree, and all four leave the room. Joey and Chandler are still patting each other’s backs)

(Scene ends)

Finally, exhaustion overcame Joey’s anxiety and he found himself drifting away to sleep.

Day 7: An epilogue

All others than Joey…

Central Perk cafe in NewYork City NYC, USA in America

The orange couch of the Central Perk was occupied yet again by the people who had been there since it had been first installed in the cafe. But today everyone was in their own thoughts. Had someone read their minds, they would know that everyone was thinking of the same person. Joey Tribbiani…

Like a movie the scene played slowly in their mind. Of everyone desperately hugging Joey for one last time. Chandler running after him for a second hug. And all this while the announcement for the final call of plane IG247 departing to LA had been ringing for the last 15 minutes. Joey made promises of meeting them whenever possible, of calling them atleast once a week. Chandler said he would call everyday while Phoebe said she would come to LA and throttle him if he didn’t answer her calls. Rachel could do nothing but cry, with Ross holding her and blinking away his eyes rapidly. Monica too failed to be the rock. She chose to photograph the rest of the gang, especially Joey. That way she couldn’t be seen crying. But when Joey insisted on a photo of the two of them, she for once let her guard down.

Joey had left, but he was still there. He was there in Javu’s brand new and famous meatball sub. In Ross’s attempts to make learning history better. In Rachel’s store, raising eyes of every customer in amusement. In Phoebe’s womb lay the heir of Joey! 😉 And he had the biggest, perhaps second biggest (that’s open to discussion – Is it Monica or Joey?) place in Chandler’s heart.

“He’s gone” whispered Phoebe.

“He’ll be back” said Rachel, whose optimism surprised everybody.

“Rach and I are getting married in June, and he is officiating” clarified Ross.

“Oh, nice. So we get to see him again!”

” And Pheebs you are going nowhere untill June. You are my maid of honour so we have lots to do.”

” Mike and I have decide to leave after Joey Jr. is born anyways! But what if Joey can’t come because of work or something?”

“We’ll reschedule. Right Ross?” Rachel asked not even thinking twice.

“Yup. We’ll not let him forget us anytime soon”

A warm smile spreads on all of their faces. They were going to see their best friend again after all.


This is the captain of the plane speaking. Please fasten your seat belts as we will be approaching our stopover at Dallas in 15 minutes’

Everyone in the plane except one followed the captain’s instructions immediately. The air hostess noticed that passenger and adressed him

“Excuse me sir? You need to fasten your seatbelt”

“Oh, Thank you.” He said in response, fastening the belt as he did so. Shit. He thought. He hadn’t even come up with a line. So unlike him. His mind had been obsessed with the life he had left behind. All his friends. He turned his attention to the gift in his hand for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was a frame of all the six of them in Central Perk. An exact replica of the image he had gifted Chandler and Monica on their housewarming. The label was too small to write all of their names. So Monica had come up with an innovative idea. He glanced at the present yet again, afraid to unwrap it. Afraid to accept the reality that they were no longer a part of his daily life. Like the label, which said-

Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross seated on Orange Couch Central Perk Friends Series Finale

From FRIENDS to Joey’

That was exactly what had happened. Now, he was just Joey.

A/N: If you are wondering about the importance of Dallas, please see the pilot of Joey. This is how I am directly continuing with Joey the spin-off.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.I would like to give a special vote of thanks to:-

1. Constantino Paladin ( Online name), who has been my critic / beta throughout the series, suggesting changes/ improvements.

2. Barbara (baba) for her reviews, appreciation and also critic (for grammatical errors post update)

3. All the reviewers for letting me know personally your appreciation!

4. Lastly but certainly not least, all of you who are currently reading this. I really appreciate you staying put even to listen me ramble on in an Author’s Note! 🙂

P.S. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

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      Aww… Thank you so much Sheree! I am glad that you enjoyed reading the series! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sheree says:

        I did, it was really good and I say that as a big Friends fan.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The Pensieve says:

      Thank you!😊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I hope you’ll take it fwd.
        Have a good dAy

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The Pensieve says:

          Yeah, I will! Stay tuned and have a blast this weekend as well! 😁✌️

          Liked by 1 person

          1. U too !! Stay safe and tc.😊😊😊😊

            Liked by 1 person

          2. The Pensieve says:

            Thank you! Take care as well! 😁

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I loved watching friends so much. This series will always be my favorite.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The Pensieve says:

      Wow! It’s always nice to meet another Friends fan! Well I hope you have a blast reading through all of my fanfiction then! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I really did have a lot of fun

        Liked by 1 person

  3. johnlmalone says:

    hey! I’m watching ‘Friends’ now, catching up with it after all those years I dismissed it as a second-rate ‘Seinfeld’. I really love it 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The Pensieve says:

      Hmm. I haven’t watched Seinfeld yet. So can’t say😅 Good to know though👍

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Aadit Shah says:

    Littt series! I’m a huuge FRIENDS fan!! Who’s your fav chracater?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The Pensieve says:

      Wow, glad to know it Aadit! 😊

      My favorite character is Joey. ‘cuz the series was about friendship, and he was the best ‘friend’ amongst them all.
      Who’s yours?

      P.S. Chandler comes close though😅

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aadit Shah says:

        I’d say it’s kinda like a 2 way tie between Joey and Chandler,

        Liked by 3 people

        1. The Pensieve says:

          We are on the same page then! 🙌

          Liked by 2 people

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