F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 11 Episode 8: The one with Joey’s farewell (Part 1)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 11 Episode 7: The one where the lobsters get engaged

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Episode 8: The one with Joey’s farewell part 1

Opening scene

Friends Phoebe Buffay Mike Hannigan living room

(Scene is in Phoebe and Mike’s apartment. Phoebe is showing the gang the photos of the lounge to which Phoebe and Mike had just been in New Orleans)

Phoebe: So what do you guys think?

Rachel (mesmerised): It’s beautiful!

Phoebe: It’s a perfect place to start a new life right?

(Silence for a while)

Rachel: No, it’s not!

Phoebe: Oh come on guys! Didn’t you just say this place looked beautiful?

Rachel: We thought you meant ‘this’ (spreading her arms to indicate the room they were in)

Everyone: Oh yes!

(Phoebe rolls her eyes)

(Title song)

Studio apartment living room decor ideas

(Scene resumes)

Joey: So listen, as you all know I have barely a week before I leave for LA…

(Nobody speaks as they wait for Joey to continue)

Ross (after a while): Aaand?

Joey: Really? This is what I get after being a part of your life for eleven years? No ‘Oh Joey that’s so sad?, or ‘We will always think of you whenever we are together?’

Chandler (exasperated): Joe, you have reminded us of this like a million times.

Joey: Oh yeah? Then tell me when do I leave?

Monica: You depart from JFK by flight no. IG247 scheduled to take off by 2:45 pm and has a stopover at Dallas before landing at LA at 11:30 pm.

Joey (embarassed): Guess I made that pretty clear, huh?

Rachel: Very.

Phoebe: What were you trying to tell us? Apart from the fact that you were leaving us I mean…

Joey: Well I have been planning a farewell from my side to you guys and I was thinking of not making it a cry fest like Rachel’s…

Rachel (interrupting and annoyed): Hey?!

Phoebe: He’s right. I cried my eyes out!

Chandler: Me too.

Monica and Joey: Me too.

(All eyes on Ross)

Ross (looking smug): Well, I had sex…

Phoebe (rolling her eyes): You lucky bastard.

Joey: Instead, I will be spending an entire day with each of you guys separately to carry those special memories with me and a ‘Joey day’ for you to remember forever.

Ross (impressed): Wow! That sounds nice.

Rachel: Yeah, we would love that.

Chandler (skeptical): Just to clarify, that ‘Joey day’ doesn’t involve any of the special ‘Joey love’ does it?

(All snigger.)

Joey: Laugh all you want, it’s you who’s gonna miss it the most!

Phoebe: So who’s gonna be the first amongst us to get that ‘Joey day’?

Joey: That’s going to be a surprise! But if someone isn’t careful (looking at Chandler) they are not gonna get any of it.

(Heads out of the apartment)

Chandler: Ehh, he’ll come around. I have made a list of all the famous sandwich stores in LA. He can’t resist me after that!

(Scene ends)

Day 1:- Joey’s day with Monica

Gender neutral nursery ideas for twins bassinet and armchairs

(Scene is in the nursery. Monica is gazing lovingly at her twins, unaware of the presence of Joey, who has just entered the room.)

Monica (whispering): Oh you are so beautiful!

Joey (behind her back): Oh yes they are!

(Monica turns around in surprise)

Monica: Joey?! God, you scared me! How did you get in?

Joey: Well, I’ve had your keys ever since you guys shifted in here. I thought you knew that!

Monica: No, I didn’t!

Joey: Well, you need not worry about ’em anymore! ‘Cuz I am returning them today!

(Takes them out and hands them to Monica)

Monica (smiling): It’s fine, keep ’em.

(Joey smiles and pockets the keys back in)

Monica: Chandler won’t be here till six, so may be you can hang out in your room till then.

Joey: I’m not here for him. I’m here for you!

Monica: For me?

Joey: Yup. I knew you had only the morning shift today so I thought I would make the rest of your day ‘Joe-ish’

Monica (confused): I don’t get it, I am Jewish!

Joey: Not Jewish, Joey-ish! (Mutters to himself) Damn it! I knew Joe-full was better.

Monica (her face falling): Oh Joe, I’m really sorry. I can’t leave the twins alone and nobody can come here at such short notice.

Joey (smiling): We won’t be leaving anywhere anytime soon.

Monica (frowning): Then what are we gonna do?

Joey: The stuff that you always do! Just that today, I wanna be a part of it.

Monica: Really? Because my afternoon is spent looking after the twins.

Joey: I’m in! This is what ‘Joey day’ is all about! Hanging around you guys doing what you love so that I can reflect upon this time whenever I miss you guys.

Monica (smiling): Then let’s make the best of it. Now I’ll go make the formula while you can make the bath ready.

(She begins to head out of the nursery)

Joey (exclaiming): Hey! Whoa! Just because I said I wanted to be a part of it doesn’t mean I have a degree in it! You’ll have to help me out!

Both spend the next few hours looking after the twins. And to the surprise of both of them, Joey turns out to be pretty good at it. Well not too good…

Joey (proudly): Ta dah! See, I finally managed to do it all by myself!

(Monica looks skeptically at Jack, who has his diaper pants fit perfectly, but inside out)

Monica: Errrm… Joey?

Joey (Still excited): Yeah?

Monica: You’ve done a great job. But, just for a while… if we consider (removing the diaper and putting it the right way while speaking) putting it this way… I think that’s even better… right?

Joey (not getting that his way had been completely wrong): Yeah, sure! You are the expert!

Monica (smiling): Thank you Joey. I really enjoyed this.

Joey: Hey we’ve only just begun!

Monica: What else have you got planned?

Joey: Well, I actually needed your help. I have hundreds of photos of us together, and I want you to categorise them and then select a few which I could frame and put in my room in LA

Monica (excited and doing her ‘pointing both index fingers’ pose): Photos and Organisation! You got me!

Joey: I’ll bring the stack from my room. And hey, Chandler will be back by six right?

Monica: Yeah. Why do you ask?

Joey: Because I have made reservations for us at the Savoy at 8.

Monica: Savoy?! I thought you hated that restaurant!

Joey: But I remember you saying that it has the best continental food in all of New York, so much so that you had sneaked inside their kitchen and were kicked out for asking too many questions?

Monica (laughing): Sounds like me!

Joey (smiling): Then Savoy it is!

(Scene ends)

Living room decor ideas in suburban house purple coloured wall

(Scene opens in the living room, where Joey is sitting all dressed up and is waiting for Monica. The doorbell rings. Joey gets up to open the door. It’s Chandler)

Joey: Hey, welcome home!

Chandler (smiling): It’s good to be back honey! Where are you going all dressed up?

Joey: To the Savoy with Monica.

Chandler: Am I invited?

Monica (coming down the stairs): Nope. It’s my Joey day, so it’s just me and him.

Chandler (amused): Just you and him to a four star restaurant? Sounds like someone’s taking my wife out! Show him the ring woman!

Monica (smiling): I’ll be a bit late, so be sure to feed the twins. And there’s Mac and Cheese in the fridge for you to heat up.

(They exchange hug and a kiss)

Chandler: Sounds perfect! Love you.

Monica: Love you too.

(Monica and Joey begin making their way out)

Chandler (calling out behind them): Enjoy your date!

(Scene ends)

Day 2:- Joey’s day with Ross

Ross Geller taking lecture in British accent Friends

(Scene is in an auditorium. Ross is taking a lecture.)

Ross (glances at his watch): I guess that will be all for today! Would anyone like to summarise what we discussed?

(Ross glances hopefully but nobody responds. But then a voice speaks up from the door… it’s Joey!)

Joey: Today we discussed various techniques of dating specimens of rocks and fossils, their advantages and disadvantages, and reasoned which techniques are used when and why. Also we glanced over various historians and scientists who discovered and applied these techniques over the years.

Ross (shocked that Joey had attended his lecture): Couldn’t have put it better myself! Thank you! (turning back to the class) Any questions?

(Since there are no questions, Ross dismisses the class. Joey waits till the end)

Joey: So did you like my surprise?

Ross (Still in shock): I loved it! Since when did you start taking an interest in Paleontology?

Joey (grinning): I still don’t understand why you love it. But hey, you know how you always complained we were never interested in your ‘academic life’ I thought I might give it a shot.

Ross: Thanks man! So what do you think?

Joey: Unbelievably boring!

Ross snorts.

Joey: So, are you ready to take the day off for some ‘Joey time’?

Ross (cringing): It’s really creepy when you say it like that!

Joey: Sorry!

Ross: Since I’ve used up all my paid leave for the year, I’ll have to fake a medical emergency, but I’ll wing it.

Joey: Whoa! What did you use it for?

Ross (embarassed): Not important! I’ll see you at the gates in ten minutes!

(Ross exits the auditorium.)

Joey (Laughing at the figure of Ross going): Badass!

(Scene ends)

American museum of natural history entrance hall ante chamber with T.rex Tyrannosaurus skeleton

(Scene opens inside a museum)

Ross: What are we gonna do here? I mean I could spend hours here but I don’t see anything that interests you.

Joey: Well apparently you don’t know about the recent developments in here.

Ross: What recent developments?

Joey (surprised): Really? You haven’t heard of their new ride?

Ross (exclaiming): A ride in a museum?

Joey: Yeah! It’s all a part of this visual education something… It’s based on ‘Night at the museum’

Ross (excited): On that movie?! That movie was like my dream come true!

Joey: Honestly? Prehistoric animals coming alive in the dark?

Ross: It was a big hit in our department! You should’ve seen the reaction here when Sacagawea was melting Theodore Roosevelt to make him whole! It was the best romantic scene ever according to everyone present there!

(Ross’s eyes become pensive as he is actually recollecting the scene)

Joey (nodding his head in exasperation): You guys really need to watch more Romcoms.

(Scene ends)

Prehistoric ride educational in an amusement theme park

( Scene opens with Joey and Ross getting out of the ride.)

Ross (flushed with excitement): This was amazing! I never thought learning history could get any better!

Joey: Believe me Ross it can get a LOT better!

Ross (smiling): You’ve made my day!

Joey: Boy, if I knew it was so easy I would never have bought us front seats to a Rangers game.

Ross: Front seats?! (Imitating Chandler) Could this ‘be’ any better?! Hey is he not joining us?

Joey: Not today! Boy, I’ll have to make his day extra special, he’s gonna be pissed about this.

Ross: Believe me Joe, he’s not. We’ve been very lucky to have a friend like you Joe and he knows it.

Joey (punching him in a friendly manner): Me too.

(Scene ends)

Both head towards the Rangers game and enjoy it immensely. Afterwards they grab a bite at Joey’s favourite sandwich place and then get home.

(Scene opens in Joey’s apartment. Both are having their sandwich)

Friends Joey Tribbiani Chandler Bing living room decor ideas

Ross (Finishing his sandwich and getting up): I must get going now, Rachel must be waiting. This was amazing Joe, I really enjoyed myself.

Joey (in hesitation): Hey Ross, listen before you go, I wanted to ask you something.

Ross (frowning): Sure.

Joey (after a long pause): Take good care of her.

Ross ( smiling): The best.

Joey: You know who I am talking about right?

Ross: Yes.

Joey: She’s special.

Ross: I know. And thank you.

Joey: Thank you?

Ross: Thank you for taking care of her when I wasn’t there for her, for being such a nice roommate for her. And thank you for handling this so well, I know I couldn’t handle it half as well as you did.

Joey (smiling): It was my pleasure, Ross. And I am sorry I stepped in between you two.

Ross: No Joe, you have nothing to be sorry about. If we didn’t know it then how would you?

(Joey smiles.)

(After a moment’s pause)

Ross: I wanted to ask you a favour.

Joey: Sure

Ross: Actually it’s kind of ironic, but… we want you to officiate our wedding

Joey: I would love that!

Ross: Are you sure?

Joey: Why not? Nothing would make me happy than marrying two of my best friends!

Ross: But… with all this history…

Joey (smiling): Ross, if I do truly love her then I am prepared to let her go with someone she was meant to be with! If she’s happy and so are you, then I will consider myself fortunate to be given the chance to unite you forever!

Ross (in a respectful tone): You… really are a great person Joe, don’t you ever forget that.

(Scene ends with both sharing a hug.)

(Scene ends)

Day 3: Joey’s day with Rachel

Fashion apparels and branded clothes shop near you

Scene is in Rachel’s store, which is still yet to open to customers. Inside, Rachel is still making sure that everything is in it’s right place. Joey enters the store and decides to pretend he is ‘just another customer’)

Joey (in a different voice): Excuse me? Can you help me out?

Rachel ( having her back to him): Oh I’m sorry sir, this store is still not open for customers.

Joey (now in his normal voice): Really? Not even for me?

Rachel (turning around in surprise): Joey?! Oh, sorry… Is this what I think this is?

Joey: Yup , that’s right! Today’s your ‘Joey’ day!

Rachel (raising her hands in excitement and hugging Joey): Oh yay!

Rachel: So what are we gonna do?

Joey: Well, I thought I needed a fresh new look for LA and I thought you could help me out.

Rachel: Sure! I’m in!

Joey: Hey, I also wanted to buy my sister a thank you gift. So, I think I have come to the right place?

Rachel: Oh yes you have! Allow me to show you my collection.

(Rachel pulls out some of the best collection of her designs and presents them to Joey. He is impressed.)

Joey: Might I say that you have a great collection.

(Rachel smiles, enjoying this little game. Joey ultimately chooses a royal Satin gown and hands it to her, indicating his choice)

Rachel: Might I say that you have a fine taste, Sir

(Joey smiles in response. Rachel takes the dress from him, packs it on the counter and hands it back to him. Joey pulls out his wallet.)

Joey: How much do I owe you?

Rachel: Okay, Joe that (pointing towards the dresses and referring to their previous conversation) was fun, but this is definitely not.

Joey: Hey, I wanted to be your first customer, Rach. God knows whether I’ll ever get another chance at it.

Rachel (Taking his hand in hers): Oh Joey, that’s so sweet. But I simply cannot make you pay.

Joey: Please Rach? I already owe Chandler a lot of money, I really don’t want the same with you.

Rachel: How about this? Since you are my first customer, you get this dress for free! It’s my offer as the store owner!

Joey (smiling): Thanks Rach.

Rachel: Come on, let’s get you that fresh look!

(She puts everything back in place, along with some help from Joey and shuts the store.)

Hours pass by as Rachel takes him through dozens of stores doing what she loved best. Making people look fashionable. By the time they reach a restaurant to catch a break, both have their hands loaded with bags.

Lasagne served with breadsticks, green salad and wine

Joey (pulling out a chair): After you.

(Rachel smiled and sat in the chair pulled out by him)

Rachel: Thank you!

Joey: So, what are you getting? It’s all my treat!

Rachel: I’m glad you mentioned that, because I’m craving Lobster Ravioli at the moment.

Joey: Sure!

(They place their order)

Joey (seeing an odd look on Rachel’s face): What’s up?

Rachel: Why is this place seeming so familiar?

Joey (becoming serious): That… that could be because…

Rachel (as it suddenly clicks her): Oh my God! This is where…

Joey (avoiding her gaze): I said I loved you, yeah.

(The air between the two seems to thicken as they are reminded of that awkward memory)

Joey (looking down at the table): And this was also where I had the best date I’ve ever had…

Rachel: With whom?

Joey: You

Rachel: Oh Joey…

(In the meanwhile, the food arrives on the table. Joey takes a spoonful of soup, in an attempt to get over that awkward tension)

Rachel (alarmed that Joey was having the steaming soup too hurriedly): Joey wait!

(Joey drinks it anyways. A second later)

Joey (in panic): Food burn! Food burn!

(Rachel laughs as he rapidly gulps the water in his glass, the tension disappearing between the two)

(Scene ends)

Friends Rachel Greene teaching Joey Tribbiani sailing

(Scene opens in a port. Joey’s ‘ ‘ is anchored neatly along the sidewalk. Joey has blindfolded Rachel. On reaching in front of the boat, he opens the blindfold.)

Joey: Ta dah! This is my farewell gift to you!

Rachel (squealing in delight): Really?! It’s been my childhood dream to own a boat! Oh, Thank you so much!

(Rachel hugs Joey, who is now smiling broadly.)

Both settle in the boat, and Rachel steers the boat to a lone spot not too far from the coast, but not too close either. Meanwhile the sun has dropped closer to the horizon. Both are enjoying the view before them. Rachel finally breaks the silence.

Rachel: Remember the last time we were here?

Joey (Laughing): Vividly!

(Rachel had tried in vain try to teach Joey to sail.)

(Rachel glances at Joey for a seconds before speaking)

Rachel: Joey?

Joey (distracted): Hmm?

Rachel: Promise me something?

Joey (now turning to look at Rachel): Sure!

Rachel: Promise me that you’ll get over me and find someone?

Joey (paling and stuttering): I…I…Wh…What?

Rachel: You still love me Joe, I can see that in your eyes. And whenever I see you like that, it makes me sad to think that

Joey: Why? In fact it’s me who should be sorry and I am Rach.

(He lowers his head.)

Rachel: Sorry for loving me? Oh Joey… Look, everytime I think of our short spell it makes me feel like it was one of those things that are just meant to happen. And we learn something from it. I learnt that no matter how Ross tried to hide his feelings, he still loved me and it made me realise that we were still not history. You learnt what it is to be like in true love. And it’s something you won’t forget. You deserve someone who is as sweet, caring and loyal, yet as simple as you are. I hope you do find it in LA.

Joey (smiling): It will be hard to find Rach.

(Scene ends with the setting sun casting a glow on both of them)

Soon after they return to the coast and then take a cab to Joey’s apartment, not speaking much and lost in their own thoughts.

Black barcalounger and wooden canoe in living room studio apartment

(Scene opens in Joey’s apartment)

Joey: Hey you wanna watch a movie?

Rachel: What you got?

Joey: I’ve got ‘Terms of Endearment’

Rachel (trying but failing spectacularly to look pleased): Oh, so you do know me!

Joey (laughing): Oh, just look at you! Of course not! That’s just the case. Inside it is… ‘Weekend at Bernie’s ‘

Rachel: Oh, you got me there!

(Both get seated comfortably on the Barca loungers and continue to watch the movie)

(Joey keeps glancing at Rachel continually while the movie is playing. Rachel eventually catches Joey’s eye and Pauses the movie)

Rachel: What’s up Joe?

Joey: Nothing (but his voice gets more emotional)

Rachel (now jumping on the arm rest and rubbing Joey’s arm): Hey, don’t do that. I know something’s bothering you.

Joey (in a tear strained voice): I am going to miss this so much! I mean I’m going to miss everyone. But you in a different way, a special way.

Rachel (her voice getting squeaky and Incoherent): You… You… promised your farewell won’t be a cry fest like mine! Now look what you’ve done!

(Takes a couple of tissues from the table and blows her nose)

Joey: Don’t you ever forget me.

Rachel (mocking anger): If you say that one more time, I swear I’ll try my best to.

(Both crack a smile and hug each other)

Joey (clearing throat): Ahemm. So shall we?

Rachel (confused): What?

Joey: Finish the movie?

Rachel: Yeah, of course.

(Scene ends with them watching the movie from the same chair)

Friends Ugly naked Guy apartment living room ideas

(Scene opens in Ross and Rachel’s apartment. Ross is up doing some work. Rachel enters looking distraught.)

Ross: Hey, so how was your day?!

(Rachel doesn’t speak up)

Ross gets up to give her a hug)

Ross (looking concerned): What’s up?

Rachel: I’m gonna miss him…

Ross: Me too…

Rachel: And he’s not making it easy… We had such a good time that I don’t want him to go at all!

Ross: I know… I felt the same way too. Hey, you know what?

Rachel: What?

Ross: He still has a whole day to spare between the ‘Joey days’ and his flight to LA. So why don’t we give him his ‘Joey day’? From all of us to him.

Rachel (Intrigued): Well, Phoebe and I were thinking about it, but the packing supervisor said that his packing will take all day!

Ross (snorting): Really? Is that what we call my sister now?

Rachel: Actually if we all help, we could get it done by mid day! What say?

Ross: Hmm… that will be the second time in a week that I had food poisoning… but why not? Everyone hates the cafeteria food!

Rachel (smiling): Great! So now let’s plan him a day that will make it impossible for him to forget us!

(Scene ends)

(Final/ Credits scene)

Studio apartment living room decor ideas in New York

(Scene is in Ross and Rachel’s apartment. Rachel is on a call.)

Rachel (looking concerned): Hello? Yeah, this is Rachel Green calling to ask you whether I could be excused an hour early?

(Loud voice from the other end)

Rachel: I’m sure that we can manage the deadline! I have the blueprint of the plan you have handed me.

(Again a loud voice)

Rachel: Alright! Alright! I was just asking! Can’t you be even civil?!

(Ends the call)

Rachel (now dialing another number): Uhhhh… (The call is picked up) Hey, Pheebs! I’m sorry we can’t go out to lunch, my boss just denied me any concession.

Phoebe: May be you can try changing her mind!

Rachel: It’s Monica!

Phoebe: Oh! Well then you are screwed! Good bye! (Ends the call)

(End of scene)

(End of episode)

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