F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 11 Episode 5: The one at the Planetarium

Note:- This post is an update of my attempt to narrate the events that may have taken place between the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S finale and it’s spin-off Joey’s pilot. And here’s the link to my previous post on the same :-

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Episode 5:- The one at the Planetarium

Opening scene

(Rachel, Phoebe and Joey are seated on the couch and chairs in Central Perk and are talking with each other. Enter Monica)

Friends Reunion Central Perk Cafe

Rachel, Phoebe and Joey: Hey, Mon!

Monica: Hey everyone!

Phoebe: It’s great to see you!

Rachel: How have you been?

Joey: Where’s Chandler?

(Since all 3 have spoken together, Monica was unable to understand anything)

Monica: One at a time guys!

(All speak again at the same time)

Phoebe: Hey, I get to ask first! I was Monica’s first roommate.

Rachel: What?! Phoebe, I know her since preschool, so I should be the one!

Joey: Where’s Chandler?

(Phoebe and Rachel exchange glances)

Phoebe: Now that was smart!

Monica: Stop fighting you guys! I love you all the same! And Joey, I’m sorry but Chandler couldn’t be here because he’s taking care of Jack and Erica back home.

Phoebe: It’s just that we hardly see you anymore… it’s like you are already drifting apart.

Monica: No Pheebs, I am not! It’s only because…

(Just then, the ring of Monica’s cellphone breaks through her speech. Removing it from her purse, she receives it.)

Monica (into the phone): Oh yes Chandler! I told you already didn’t I? The formula is on the left side cabinet’s lower most shelf between the milk powder and the cereals. Yeah! Okay! Bye!

(Keeps the phone insude her purse and turns to look at the trio with a somewhat irritated expression.)

Monica: That’s the 3rd time he’s called since I left home and twice for the same thing!

(Title song)

Scene resumes in Central Perk

Central Perk cafe in Friends Gunther

Joey (for the 3rd time): I miss Chandler!

Rachel (rolling her eyes): Stop moping! God anybody would think you were married to him and not Monica!

Phoebe: Why didn’t you bring him along? He’s hopeless anyways!

Monica: Oh no, he’s great with them! I still can’t recognise one from the other unless I take off their diapers.. I’m going to be such a terrible mother!

Phoebe: Oh don’t say that, that’s not true at all!

Rachel: Yeah! I mean look at how you took care of us all these years. You have loads of experience. You’re gonna be a great Mom!

Monica: Oh please! Well, Okay! And no, someone had to stay home ‘cuz our babies are too young to be taken along. I’m sorry Joey. Next time Chandler will come in case of such a baby emergency.

Joey: Oh no, I want both of you to come

Phoebe and Rachel (in unison): Yeah!

(Just then, Ross enters through the door)

Ross: Hi guys! Hey Mon! (taking her into a hug) It’s great to see you! Where’s Chandler?

(As if on cue, Monica’s cell rings again)

Monica: There he is!

Monica (after listening for a couple of seconds): Oh my God Chandler! You still haven’t prepared it? Of course they are cranky by now! The directions to prepare it are in that leaflet. (After a pause) No it doesn’t require a chef, don’t you try buttering me, mister. Yeah! Fine, Whatever!

(Ends the call)

Monica: You were right Phoebe, he is hopeless!

Ross: It’s good that you’re here Mon, ‘cuz I’ve got an important announcement to make.

Monica: That being?

Ross: It’s going to be a surprise! I want you guys dressed up your best and be present at the Planetarium 8pm sharp.

Rachel (panicking): Th…the Planetarium? As in our first date Planetarium?

Ross (confused by her reaction): Yeah, the same! Please be there Rach, you most of all. It will be one of the most important occasions of my life and it won’t feel complete without you. Listen, I really gotta go but promise me you’ll be there. You won’t regret it I swear.

All: Yeah, we’ll be there.

Ross ( smiling): Okay, Bye! Tell Chandler and Mike as well!

(As soon as Ross leaves Rachel’s panic becomes more and more obvious)

Monica: What’s the matter, Rach?

Rachel: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I can’t believe he’s gonna do it! It’s too soon! It’s too soon!

Monica (confused): What is?

(Monica’s cellphone rings again)

Monica: Will you just stop calling and do things right for an hour? You listen to me! If you call me one more time then I’m going to kick your ass so hard that you…

(Pauses suddenly as she recognizes the voice on the receiving end)

Monica (in a much mollified manner): Oh…heh…Hi Mom!…Yeah, I’ll call you back.

(Everyone looks very amused, even Rachel manages a smile)

Monica (Still flushed): You were saying, Rach?

Rachel: Ross is going to propose to me tonight!

All: What?!

Rachel: We are doing great now, but we promised ourselves to take things slow, and now what is he thinking coming up with all this?

Monica: Calm down Sweetie! From where did you get that impression?

Rachel: The Planetarium! You remember we faked our own wedding in your parents’ anniversary?

Monica: Uh huh…

Rachel: Well he told me that he did intend to propose to me in the Planetarium back when we were a couple!

Phoebe: But he’s invited all of us!

Rachel: I don’t know! May be he needs a backup or something!

Phoebe: Oooh yes!

Monica(wide eyed): Oh come on Pheebs! Rach, is this all that led you draw such a huge conclusion?

Rachel: Well he also said that it could be one of the most important occasions of his life and it won’t feel complete without me!

Monica: I don’t know, Rach. I mean if he was indeed proposing and if I know my brother well then it would be the most important occasion of his life and Rachel it obviously cannot happen without your presence! How can it be even incomplete?

Rachel (Ignoring Monica’s question): That’s not the point! My point is that I overheard him talking to Carol that he was going to propose me!

Monica: He said that?! I really don’t think he’ll rush into this that fast but I hadn’t thought he would have 3 divorces either!

Phoebe: Why don’t you give him some reason that you can’t come, see what he says! If he calls it off for everyone, then we’ll know!

Rachel: I don’t wanna hurt him. And if it’s really nothing, I’ll end up looking like a fool! Or worse, we’ll fight! And I don’t want that anymore…

Monica( hugging Rachel): You think ot over, okay sweetie? I’m sorry but I really have to go now…

(Everyone exchanges goodbyes with Monica and she exits.)

Phoebe: I gotta go, too.

Joey: So soon?

Phoebe: I promised Mike we’ll be making children today!

Joey (blinking): Didn’t need to know that!

Rachel (smiling): You’ve got all day, Pheebs!

Phoebe: Oh, but I want loads of kids, so we start in the morning itself.

Rachel: It really doesn’t work that way, honey.

Phoebe: Well, I’ve always found my body much more efficient than western medicine. So you never know!

(She exits.)

(Scene ends)

The Nursery

Gender neutral nursery in a suburban house. Off white and cream coloured

Chandler (dressing the twins in their new diapers.): Okay…so Jack has the one with stars and Erica has the one with moons. Jack stars and Erica moons. Okay! I’m ready to freak Monica again!

(Just then, Monica barges in through the door and rushes to the twins, pushing Chandler away from the bassinet.)

Monica: Is everything okay?

(Glancing in the bassinet, she notices that both the twins are sleeping peacefully.)

Monica : Oh, thank God!

Chandler (Sarcastically): Well, now I’m okay!

Monica: Did you feed them?

Chandler: Oh yes, that’s why they are sleeping tight at the moment. Mon, are you okay?

Monica (confused): Yeah! Why?!

Chandler (concerned): Your Mom just called. She checked on me first and asked me if our marriage was in serious trouble…something about kicking someone’s ass…Jeez…what’s up?

Monica (blushing): Oh, that..heh… I’m fine. I’ll call mom righg now and sort it out. And yes, before I forget, Ross has told us all to be present at the Planetarium at 8pm sharp. He said its very important.

Chandler: If it’s one of his fossil lectures again…

(frowning, then shrugging nonchalantly)

Chandler: Yeah, sure I could do with some sleep.

Monica (smiling): Right? And Rachel’s thinking Ross is going to propose to her tonight…

Chandler (loudly): What?!

Monica (glaring and pointing towards the twins): Shushh.

Chandler (whispering): What? I mean they’ve been together for only a month…

Monica (wide eyed): Really? You think so?

Chandler: Yeah, Okay…but then why would he call all of us?

Monica: I don’t know… as back up? Look, even I don’t think that’s what is in Ross’s mind. But I really want them to be together as well.

Chandler (smiling): Me too. I’m glad we realised it much sooner than they did. (hugging Monica)

Monica: Yeah (hugging him back, eyes pensive)

(Scene ends)

Joey’s living room

Joey and Chandler room Friends reunion Barcalounger, Canoe, Foosball

(The TV is on and is displaying credits of Days of our Lives. Enter Rachel.)

Rachel: Joey? Are you there?…Joey?

(A low voice is heard from Joey’s room making Rachel head towards the room.)

Joey (speaking as if he, chick Jr. and duck Jr. were having a proper conversation): Yeah! I know!

(The duck lets out a loud quack)

Joey (pointing at it): Hey, don’t you dare say that!

(Having arrived at the door, Rachel gazes fondly at the trio before coming in.)

Rachel: Hey Joe what’s up?

Joey: They just aired the last episode which casts me as Dr. Drake Ramorey.

Rachel (hugging him): I’m so sorry, Joe.

Joey: Well it was for the good anyways. Gina has already found an agent for me in LA. I have to leave in a couple of months.

Rachel: Oh, I’m so sorry, I almost forgot you were leaving us forever…

Joey (upset): No! Don’t say that! I’ll be around. Whenever you’ll marry Ross, I’ll be the man officiating the wedding.

Rachel (in a high pitched voice): What?! Joey, NO, you don’t understand! Rushing into things, falling for our emotions, it’s all we’ve been doing and look how messed up we are! I mean why can’t we ever be in the same place?

Joey (holding her hand): Calm down Rach and tell me in what place do you feel you are? What do you see for yourself?

Rachel: I…I don’t know Joe. I mean not only is he the father of my child but he is also the best man I’ve ever been with!… it’s just that…

Joey: Just what?

Rachel: I’m scared of hurting, Joe. Of hurting him or of him hurting me. And not just for our sake, but for Emma’s as well.

Joey: Listen to me Rach. Just imagine this. A life without Ross. You with some other guy, both giving Emma the love and attention that she deserves and answer me, do you think you will be happy? Or does that man have to be Ross for it to be a ‘happily ever after’?

Rachel (hugging Joey and sighing): There is no one else I see. It’s always been Ross. Ever since our first kiss at Central Perk, it’s been him.

Joey (smiling): You have your answer, Rach.

Rachel (with a hint of a smile on her face): Yeah

(Scene ends.)

The Museum

American museum of natural history, New York, USA Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, fossil

(Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Mike have entered through the glass doors of the museum and are heading towards the Planetarium)

Joey: So what do you guys think? Is it really happening?

Monica: I don’t know. I mean we’ve known it all along, so it’s certainly about time one of them realises it too…

Chandler: Where’s Rachel by the way?

Phoebe: She’s getting ready in her apartment. You know that how even normally it’s atleast a few hour affair for her, so today I’m guessing she’ll arrive straight at midnight or something!

(Getting closer to the entrance, they are surprised to see a small crowd eager to enter the building.)

Chandler: What’s going on? This is the right place, right? Why the crowd?

(As if on cue, Ross emerges from the inside and begins making his way towards them)

Ross (smiling widely): Oh you guys made it! Thank God, I almost thought you wouldn’t!

(Hugging everyone in his excitement as everyone else looks at him with an expression of ‘feeling happy for him’)

Ross: Hey, where’s Rach?

(The expressions on everyone’s faces only intensifies)

Ross: Okay, now you’re scaring me! What’s going on?

Monica (in a strained voice): We are so happy for you today!

Ross: Me too… It’s like a dream come true! Dr. Ross Geller is finally going to be published today!

(The look on the everyone’s faces changes drastically from happiness to confusion)

Phoebe: What?!

Ross: Yes! Today, my book is going to be released all over the country! They might even call me for a book tour!

(Everyone quickly replasters their looks of profound happiness.)

Phoebe: Oh, that’s great!

Everyone: Yeah!

(Ross is about to say something when he is interrupted by a docent who whispers something in his ear. Ross nods affirmatively in response.)

Ross: Okay, listen up guys. You have all been saved seats on the front row, give that guy your name and ID, grab a copy from the table… Yes it’s free Joey!

(Joey had been making signs to catch his eye.)

Ross: I gotta go now.

(Ross rushes to the stage, while everyone else takes their copies from the desk and registers themselves with the docent.)

Joey: See? I told you the guy on the posters outside looked familiar! It was Ross!

Mike: Who would’ve thought his face would appear on a poster?

Chandler: It’s a museum Mike! Ross is like a rockstar in here!

Phoebe: Boy, I wish I’d seen him in robes before…he certainly looks better.

Monica: Guys, aren’t we forgetting something?

(A dawning look of realisation appears on everyone’s faces)

Everyone: Rachel!

Joey: She’s going to be so crushed! Wait! I’ll call her!

(Just then the lights dim and Ross ascends the podium)

Chandler (hissing): Ross will kill you if you go now!

Joey(whispering) : Now what?

(In the background, Ross has just begun addressing the crowd)

Monica: Now, we wait…

(Resigned, they all stay put, their expressions laden with guilt.)

(Scene ends)

The Planetarium

Planetarium auditorium Ross and Rachel first date

(Ross has been droning on about his book for a while now as the gang desperately tries to keep awake. In the meanwhile Rachel has just arrived outside the Planetarium, looking gorgeous in her silver outfit, obviously having tried to appear her best. She is out of breath and has a few handwritten pages in hand)

Rachel (to herself, oblivious to what’s going on inside): Okay, this is it! I have my speech ready… one last time… Ross, I want you to know that…

(Pausing for a while as she forgets her lines)

Rachel (glancing through the pages): Damn you, Phoebe Buffay! I had asked you for a paragraph. Not an essay!

(Throwing away the pages in irritation.)

Rachel: I’ll say what comes to mind!

(Saying so, she opens the door unaware that it’s full of spectators. To add insult to injury, she slips on her heels and jumps straight into the room. Both surprised and hurt, she screams, making Ross halt his speech, and snapping the gang awake as everyone’s eyes focus on the latest arrival in the room. )

Rachel: Ross, I…

(She stops mid-sentence as she finally realizes that she is in a room full of people. Embarrassed, she gets up from the floor.)

(Everyone is still staring at her)

Rachel (in a high pitched squeaky voice): Hi!

(Ross’s facial expression is difficult to understand. After a moment’s pause Ross decides to simply ignore her and resumes addressing the crowd continues, as the guy at the desk queries Rachel, and everyone except the gang have their eyes back on Ross, who are now looking at Rachel rather pityingly.)

(Scene ends)

Museum’s dining room

(The buffet is set and everyone except Ross is helping themselves with the food while Ross is still surrounded by his ‘fans and admirers’ who are bombarding him with questions.)

Monica (worried): You okay, Rach?

Rachel (with a forlorn expression): I don’t know what to think! It’s just like when I had found out that I was pregnant with Emma. All this time I had been thinking, Oh no, do I want this? And now that it has been wildly snatched away from me did I realise just how much I really wanted it!

Monica: Are you going to tell Ross?

Rachel: Hell, no! I don’t want to spoil things for him. Look how happy he is with his book! I’ve already literally stepped on his achievement and I don’t want to do it again!

Monica (smiling admirably): Believe me Rach, if you tell him you meant to get engaged to him today, he’ll be a million times happier than he is now.

Rachel (smiling slightly and then sighing): I guess…

(Meanwhile, at the other end of the room, Phoebe and Mike are engaged in a conversation of their own.)

Mike: Have you let them know about the possibility of us moving?

Phoebe: No, Mike and I honestly haven’t given it much thought.

(Mike just sighs)

Phoebe: I mean look, things have changed so much for us recently that it has become difficult to take it all in. We are already seeing lesser of Monica and Chandler, Joey seems like a ticking time bomb who might just disappear anytime now, and with Ross and Rachel finally… Ooh what is this?

(Phoebe is looking at platter in front of her)

Phoebe: It surely smells delicious.

Mike (initially curious, then later alarmed on looking at the label of the platter): No, wait Phoebe! That’s…

(In the meanwhile, Phoebe has already taken it on her plate and has one in her mouth.)

Phoebe (after chewing and swallowing it): Pretty good!

Mike (paling): made of Veal…

Phoebe: What?! But… Oh my God! You realise what this means!

Mike (in joy): You sure? Shouldn’t we take a test?

Phoebe: This is the fastest and the most reliable test I know! If I don’t vomit in the next minute, I’m pregnant!

(Rushes to the bathroom just in case, as Mike rounds everyone up, managing to separate even Ross from the crowd as they all gather outside the restroom)

Phoebe( Rushing out): It’s positive! No vomit!

Everyone (exclaiming in delight): Congratulations!

(Everyone gathers in a group hug surrounding Phoebe)

(Scene ends)

Ross and Rachel’s apartment.

Ugly naked Guy apartment in Friends sitcom West village, New York, USA

(Opening the door, Ross enters first and throws the keys on a table. Rachel follows suit and closes the door. The tension between the pair is palpable. Finally it’s Rachel who breaks the silence.)

Rachel : We need to talk!

Ross (upset): Fine! Then tell me why you were late! What was the latest disaster in ‘Rachel Town’ that you couldn’t make it in time yet again?

Rachel (annoyed herself): I was trying to look my best! Wasn’t that what you wanted in the first place?

Ross: Oh yeah, you sure caught everyone’s eye with that high jump of yours! By the end of my speech there were more people asking me questions about ‘The fallen Lady’ rather than Paleontology! Yes, that was exactly what I wanted.

Rachel (tearing up): That was because I wasn’t used to my new heels. Don’t you realise how humiliating that must have been for me? And to think I did it on purpose?! Thank goodness today wasn’t what I thought it was about! Because I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Ross (positively furious): Oh really? What exactly was Milady expecting?

Rachel: I was expecting to be finally engaged to the only man I’ve ever truly loved! Now I know how stupid I was to think so!

(Breaking off into a sob, Rachel begins heading towards the bedroom. Ross though in shock manages to catch her hand just in time)

Ross (in a low voice): What?

(Realising what she had just revealed to him, Rachel simply holds her silence.)

Ross: Ha..had I proposed you would have said yes?

Rachel (slowly nodding): Yes..

Ross (smiling): Wow, I thought you would…well, wow… so that’s why you… I mean, you did look stunning… even though you did crash on to the floor…

(Nodding, Rachel grins shyly in response)

Ross: I’m sorry Rach… I had no idea you thought I was gonna propose…

Rachel: Me too, I shouldn’t have made a fool of myself. I’ll try being more punctual next time.

( Both smile at each other in a way which they reserved only for each other.)

Ross: You never cease to amaze me, Rachel Green… and that is why I will always love you. I just don’t know why we tend to mess things up just as they seem perfect…

Rachel: We’ve always given the greatest surprises to each other Ross and that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. I guess that will always be with us, forever.

(Ross smiles and nods.)

Rachel: So?

Ross (confused): So?

Rachel: Now that you know I’ll say yes, when are you going to propose?

Ross (smiling and lifting Rachel in his arms who squeals in surprise): Well atleast one of us has to maintain the element of surprise or it won’t be us!

(They head to the bedroom, laughing together.)

(Scene ends)

(Final/ Credits scene)

Monica and Chandler new house in Westchester Nursery

(Scene is in the nursery in Monica and Chandler’s house, in the nursery. Both Chandler and Monica are seated beside the bassinet.)

Chandler: I dare you to recognise our twins without removing their diapers!

Monica: That’s all? That’s a piece of cake!

Chandler: Go on then!

Monica: Okay, so this (taking one of the twins in her hands) is Jack, and therefore she is Erica!

Chandler (Grinning): Time to verify.

(Saying so, Chandler removes their diapers. Monica is wrong.)

Chandler: I win!

Monica: How is that possible? I specifically remembered it as Erica stars in Jack’s moonie!

Chandler (triumphant): Well, I changed them while you were looking away so now Jack stars in Erica’s moonie!

(Monica looks at Chandler with an expression of utter disbelief.)

(Just then, their doorbell rings.)

Chandler : Coming!

(Chandler gets up to open the door.)

Monica (beginning to remove one of the twins’ diapers): Well, two can play at that game!

(End of scene)

(End of episode)

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