Black or White?

Hey everyone!

Welcome to yet another ramble! It’s one with which I am sure we all can relate to.

Do read and let me know!

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  1. Syzergy says:

    simplicity itself would become boring. I prefer to see the world as a mixture of many colors, some bright, some compelling, some grotesque. but the large variety of colors allows for an almost infinite amount of creation and compelling stories. great post !

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    1. The Pensieve says:

      Errm… Agreed. The world should indeed be colorful. But that wasn’t really my point 😅

      I was actually referring to the mixed intentions and motives that people usually have behind their actions. Like people are never truly good nor are they completely evil. It’s always a mix.

      Life isn’t a fairytale where everything is sorted into these 2 categories. And I wish it was. Secretly, I guess we all do. That’s what the post is about…

      And hey, thank you so much for your kind feedback! Really appreciate it! 😊✌️

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  2. Ah but the grey is where the real interest lies!

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    1. The Pensieve says:

      Well… I guess it depends😅 Personally, I’d always prefer a clearer shade…

      Thanks for stopping by! 😊

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  3. markbierman says:

    I’m of a mixed opinion on this one. At times, it would be nice if things were not so complicated, just A to B, so to speak. At other times, variety and mystery keep life more interesting.

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    1. The Pensieve says:

      Hmm… That’s true indeed! Although I was talking more on the lines of human nature 😅 Like how people are never really good or evil. Everyone has an angel as well as a devil inside them.

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback! 😊

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  4. Kally says:

    50 shades of grey? 😁

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    1. The Pensieve says:

      Aah… I wish! 😅 For even that would have been manageable.


  5. Atara says:

    Trillion shades of grey actually!
    And it becomes the most annoying thing. We never seem to know which shade of grey exists behind the black and white mask.
    Great and deep insight expressed in few words 👍👍

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    1. The Pensieve says:

      Yeah, exactly!

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Atara! 😊✌️

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